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Medical Staff Directory

Practice Name - Dixie Anesthesia
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Ammon Parker, CRNA
Bruce Carter, MD
Gaylen Gurr, MD
John Miner, MD
Reagan Carter, MD
Mountain West Anesthesia

Facial Plastic
Jordan Wallin, MD
Kent Gardner, MD
Lawrence Chase, MD

Family Practice
Scott Barton, MD

General Surgery
Brad Myers, MD
Cameron Black, MD
Cameron Jennings, MD
David Jenkins, DO
Greg Watson, DO
Hope Burkett, DO
Jared Speakman, MD
John Miller, MD
Ryan Lewis, DO
Trevor Day, MD

Berkeley Bate, MD
Frank Bishop, MD

Chad Lunt, MD
Craig Astle, MD
Jeff Rogers, MD

Jason Hendrix, MD
Marcos Reyes, MD
Sharon Richens, MD
Snow Slade, MD

Andrew Vaughan, MD
Brandon Cardon, MD
Joseph Jacob, MD
Kent Gardner, MD
Steven Chase, MD

Oral/Dental Surgery
Ashton Prince, DDS
Erik Nielson, DDS
Jamison Metcalf, DDS
John Mizukawa, DDS
Matt Mizukawa, DDS
Scott Bulloch, DDS
Shawn Davis, DDS
Wayne Dudley, DDS

Orthopedic Surgeon
Aaron O'Brien, MD
Alan Sutak, MD
Andrew Ence, MD Dirk Slade, MD
Edward Prince, MD
Michael Anderson MD
Nicholas Larsen, MD
Randy Clark, MD
Scott Parry, MD
Todd Parry, MD
Warren Butterfield, MD
Zachary Jager, MD
Zachary Leitze, MD

Oculoplastic Surgery
Kristin Tarbet, MD

Ortho Spine
David Barnes, MD
Kristoffer West, MD
Mark Stouffer, MD

Pain Management
Alan Hillstead, MD
Bryt Christensen, MD
Casey Muir, MD
Colby Beal, DO
Court Empey, MD
David Debenham, MD
Derek Frieden, MD
John Obray, MD
Nathan Clements, MD Matt Irvin, DO
Rick Obray, MD
Spencer Wells, MD
Stacie Oliver, MD
Steven Larsen, MD

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Aaron Klomp, MD
Kent Gardner, MD
Lawrence Chase, MD
Michael Marion, MD

Alden Yates, DPM
Carl Van Gils, DPM
David Magnesen, DPM
Eli Yates, DPM
Jeffrey Stewart, DPM
Landon Cameron, DPM

Radiation Oncology
Chase Hansen, MD James W. Clarke, MD
John Hayes, MD
Ray S. Richards, MD
Roger Hansen, MD

Sports Medicine
Stephen Kirk, MD

Bryan Ellsworth, MD
Gregory Taylor, MD
Robert Cope, MD