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"Committed to the cares and concerns of each of our patients."


This Facility adopts and affirms as policy the following rights of patient/clients who receive services from our facility. The facility will provide the patient or the patient’s representative verbal and written notice of such rights in advance of the date of the procedure in accordance with 42 C.F.R. 416.50, and these patient rights will be posted within the facility in the facility’s waiting room(s).

The patient rights are as follows:

As the Patient you have the responsibility to:

1. Respect the property, comfort, environment and privacy of other patients and staff.

2. Cooperate with all persons providing your care and treatment.

3. Provide accurate and complete information concerning your health and medical history by answering all questions as truthfully and completely as you can, including “NPO” status.

4. Have a responsible driver to take you and help you at home.

5. Inform the nurse of any medications you are currently taking and all known allergies.

6. Try to understand and follow instructions concerning your treatment and ask questions if you do not understand or need an explanation.

7. Agree to follow all discharge instructions.

8. Accept responsibility for consequences following a decision to refuse treatment or to follow instructions.

9. Immediately inform your physician of any changes in your condition or adverse reactions.

10. Report the effectiveness of interventions for pain on my behalf and work with the nursing staff to achieve a comfortable level of pain control.

11. Be responsible in your payment for treatment and to be cooperative and timely in providing insurance and other necessary financial information.

12 In compliance with the Utah Clean Air Act, the patient will not be allowed to smoke in the building or on the premises while under the care of the Coral Desert Surgery Center.

13. Inform Coral Desert Surgery Center of any Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, or any other Directive that could affect your care.